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Devin Howard

434 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Vital Systems , Devin Howard 434 days ago
v2.9 updates & homepage
Devin H
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Vital S What are the coolest features of metamaps as is?
  • embedding rich media like maps, videos, images, and music in topic cards
  • realtime: audio, video, chat, collaborator compasses
  • pulling in topics from other maps
  • metacode carousel + metacode set changer
  • "Commons" maps
  • Private and public shared maps
  • Fork a map
  • synapses for describing clearly the relation of one thing to another
  • my maps view
  • Network based maps, instead of Tree based like most mind mapping
  • universal translation. almost
What are some concise phrases you would use to describe our ethos?
  • commons
  • open
  • collaborative
  • ecosystem
  • offbeat creative
  • collective intelligence collective wisdom
  • accepting
  • innovative
  • bohemian
  • ambiguous   
  • subversive :smiling_imp:
  • Playful
  • Fairness
  • Futurists (Adjacent possiblists? :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • DIY
  • bootstrapping
  • intermediate impossible
  • visionary
  • Complexity science & complex systems theory
  • Web of life & web of existence, interdependence
  • yeah systems
  • Grassroots
  • Alternative economies & alternative economics
  • Peer to peer (non-hierarchical and non-coercive)
  • Anti-silo -> integrated
  • interpenetrating
  • disco tech
  • Emergent
  • Open-ended
What are some of the strange and wonderful ideas we have for metamaps?
  • story mode
  • fully functional API
  • map creation through audio input
  • veqtor.cc-style entities, where maps are entities. gets closer to emulating the brain. (even without having the website code itself be an entity!)
  • Conversational graph queries like "what projects is Robert Best working on?" performed through metamaps or slack or other channels
  • Powerful graph analysis capabilities
  • cognitive computing integration
  • Simple import via UI of data via APIs of other platforms like Twitter or facebook
  • 3D graph navigation (@harlan)
  • Auto conversion of bodies of text into a map/graph
  • Use of a distributed database
  • Full Semantic Web compatibility
  • pwn google. err alphabet
What have been some interesting instances where metamaps has been used?
  • mapping the minutes from a meeting
  • mapping a job search (i trialed this 3 years ago at the working centre, and now i’m doing it again right now). ideas, people, locations, opportunities, prior knowledge, and leads can all be mapped & connected.
  • ecosystem mapping
  • live knowledge capture
  • definitely ecosystem mapping
  • collaborative research
  • personal life planning
  • Brain dumps
UX flows
How can we summarize "good" usage of metamaps "start to finish"?
  • one idea:
  • 1. add knowledge (import or manual) (“start solo”, in KI parlance)
  • 2. collaborate (commons maps, video chat, real time)
  • 3. make connections (synapses + realtime collaboration)
  • 4. build stories (i guess you show someone a map in real time, or move the synapses to make an aesthetically pleasing layout - e.g. geoff’s map explaining the canoe JCUP @ metamaps.cc/maps/2023)
  • i would add to the above .5 start with a focus for your map (get creative!)
  • Yeah, and with 2. we could be more specific: Share your map, and get others to work with you (either by setting it Commons or inviting collaborators)
  • make sense or die trying!
Vital S
  • 4. build stories / gain insights
  • 5. Share your "final product" by sending links to it, or exporting an image, or exporting the data
  • 6. use it to create out in the world!! 
  • a. increase self-direction
  • b. share it to build common understanding!
  • c. take your collaboration and collaborators to other tools -> loomio cobudget task mngmt etc!
  • I use metamaps regularly to hash out ideas that are too big to wrap my head all the way around.
360 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Vital Systems , Devin Howard 360 days ago
(sorting CRITICAL from the top down)
Vital S
  • reveal synapses not working at all? Also need to confirm that revealing by metacode type works on heroku since it doesn't on public site
Devin H
  • a lot of maps list more synapses than they have (probably because there are invalid synapses still associated with the map)
OLDer issues (resolved?)
  • Synapses sometimes stay "stuck" on highlight, especially when created by others in realtime. Should deselect by clicking the canvas
  • Map titles not visible while mapping (besides inside info box)
Connor T
  • I think I can prevent the awkward scrolling up/down while zooming in/out by doing event.preventDefault() ... I'll give that a try
726 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Devin Howard 726 days ago
Devin H I've put the ideas with +1s in the list above, as well as the ideas in the image, onto our Github repo as issues: https://github.com/metamaps/metamaps_gen002/labels/uservoice%20priority
See previous related sensemaking maps:
970 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Devin Howard 970 days ago
unless i ‘hide’ video
Devin H Video call logic:
When you open chat, begin accepting calls
When someone else opens video, they should call everyone in the room
When someone closes video, they should hang up on everyone in the room
When someone closes chat, it should hang up every active call

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