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Robert Best

144 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Robert Best 144 days ago
Holonymy Each listed holonym has this entry’s referent as a part of itself; this entry’s referent is part of that of each listed holonym. ====Holonyms====
1054 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Robert Best 1054 days ago
Congratulations on your courage to step into the unknown! Welcome to Metamaps.cc!
Make sure to check out our quick reference guide in the help section,  just click on the (?) icon at the bottom right of the page once you're logged in,  for an introduction to the core functionality as well as shortcuts and commands. Within the help section you can also find video tutorials going over the basics of mapping, links to our feedback forum, and links to our knowledge base resources.
If you're interested to dive a little deeper, or get involved in design and development, look into our Google+ community, where we're putting most of our updates and announcements, research, internal structure, everything - you can also ask questions and explore much of the wider context around metamaps: http://tiny.cc/metamaps
Robert B Questions/Thoughts
  • This email is sent out via the team @ mm  email right? and therefore its pretty clear how to email us I guess?
  • I feel like we have so many places to invite people to come check out... we really need to get straight WHICH we invite WHO to WHEN, and WHY... Maybe others have this sorted out in their mind... but I don't. (R)
285 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Robert Best , Connor Turland 285 days ago
Robert B Possible Conversations:
  • Bridging of ideological divides
  • Conversation for coordinating action (model the coordinator)
we could limit the total number to about 8
Connor T Conversation for action
Bridging/exploring ideological divides
355 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Robert Best 355 days ago
  • scroll zoom on any map in firefox creates stutter image trail
Robert B
  • I would try reverting these changes metamaps/metamaps#738 , I noticed a similar bug while testing this code to get it to work... but I only tested on chrome.
  • "Click to add description" text does not clear out after clicking to edit on topic cards - it remains in text field when you start typing.
  • Related to this, if you click to edit, then click elsewhere in the topic card, the text totally disappears and you can't get back to editing without closing and reopening the card.
  • The styling of the topic card description is quite different while not editing vs while editing... This causes the text to jump around from how it looks before you decide to edit it... This means if you clicked somewhere, because you wanted to start editing that particular text, it will likely jump somewhere else (i.e. no longer under your pointer/cursor) This is also pretty visual distracting to see the text moving all over...
360 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Robert Best 360 days ago
Robert B
  • October
  • Hello old friend, its been a while.
1063 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by poietic , Robert Best 1063 days ago
Key elements to highlight on home/landing page:
Robert B
  • Not sure if its best to copy them here, but you can find them there for now.
Make better sense together
Life is complex. Make sense, one map at a time.
poietic Make maps. Make sense
Evolve the conversation
Make sense of the conversation.
Grow your sense-power
Expand your spidey sense.
Make systems make sense.
Augment your intelligence.
Make better sense together.
Robert B Metamaps makes sense.
DESIGN BETTER EXPERIENCES FOR WEB & MOBILE: A Prototyping, Collaboration & Workflow Platform
poietic Learn Do Share
Make Things. Make Sense.
1092 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by poietic , Robert Best 1092 days ago
  • Change synapse permission: click on 'permission' icon (only if you are creator of the synapse)
  • Browse synapses / change visible synapse: click on arrow icon and select desired synapse
Shift + click: toggle select multiple topics / synapses
Right-click/Shift-click + drag on canvas: make selection box, toggle select multiple topics / synapses
Click + drag on selected topic(s): move all selected topics + synapses
Right-click/alt+click on selected topic(s): open context menu
  • *Hide/Remove/Delete/Change permissions of multiple topics + synapses within context menu
Ctrl-click + drag: zoom to selection box
Shift + click / Shift + click + drag: select multiple topics/synapses
Keyboard Shortcuts
Ctrl + /: Open search prompt
Ctrl + H: Hide selection on map
Ctrl + M: Remove selection from map
Ctrl + D: Delete selection
Ctrl + A: Select all topics
Ctrl + E: See all on map (zoom to extents)
Robert B
  • This is technically zoom extents, and the centre of the map has another meaning... not necessarily at the center of the zoom extents.
  • thanks!
Esc (within search): Close search
Esc (on map): Deselect all

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