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Jacob Gadikian

869 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jacob Gadikian 869 days ago
Jacob G I did not like the way kumu felt.  I loved its federated server concept though.
727 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jacob Gadikian 727 days ago
  • by task, by functionality, by hour?
  • Hey guys, I know a company that needs your help, and should be able to pay for it.  The company is weave.works, and their product is weave scope.  Scope is used to visualize servers in the cloud.  They also have some auto-layout algorithms, but the fact is that they don't work well enough.  Also, categorization, tagging is weak in scope.  I bet that if you spec'd it out, they'd set something up with metamaps as a whole, so that you could be working with >10kUSD.  
  • If hosting is ever a difficulty, please don't hesitate to ask me.  
Hope it helps!
869 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jacob Gadikian 869 days ago
  • Sorta seems linked to the next edge group too, I'm haven't been a participant at all in any of their online communities, until very recently... and yet, I felt like a member nonetheless
Jacob G
  • I felt this way also.  In fact not only did i feel theit community, i also felt their vision for metamaps, as though it had been my own.
  • In some ways, I feel it is useful to self-diagnose oneself as being part of something, or have certain resonant labels for oneself.
  • They might not fit perfectly, but these are lures... like discussed before... for finding valuable intersections and discoveries
  • I have had a feeling for a while, that all we need to do is subtle sharing... small moves can be impactful too. The trick being that, a large group, or through iteration over time... efforts and value is compounded upon for all to share from... 
  • Ya know what i thijn
  • So, I will stop here at a few bullets for now.... make sure to look over each one upon return... and feel out the reflection... More will be seen without needing to diverge further.
  • an interesting and innovative concept related to what you are promulgating right now: why not call it (and develop it into) the metamap.  Should even be possible to programatically organize it to an extent

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