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Tammy Lea Meyer

1019 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Vital Systems 1019 days ago
  • reading and acknowledging the Nondominium (ownership?) & Custodian agreement (gouvernance?+value distribution?)
Vital S
  • not yet established and adopted for Metamaps OVN
  • community hubs (network forums, CRM, project mgmt)
  • app store product marketing
  • code repos, test platforms
Tiberius B
  • See levels of involvement/participation - I don't think it is sufficient to only consider one type of affiliation (membership) because participation will vary. We need to find a pattern in how individuals naturally engage with the OVN and create these rules in accordance to that. 
Vital S
  • agreed - at this point I am looking at formal membership which brings full access to collaboration spaces and accounting tools. Affiliation is like a partial or trial 'membership' which provides access on an as-needed basis, tied to project track or "sphere", and subject to change / revocation 

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