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Metamaps is a visual tool for collective intelligence and structured sense-making.

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Metamaps.cc is part of the Collaborative Technology Alliance, and is building integrations with other collaborative technology tools such as Hylo, Loomio and Co-budget, other vital parts of a 21st century enterprises collaborative technology stacks. 
It is a collaborative technology  in the form of integrated collaborative concept-mapping. middleware for real-time collaborative sense-making among groups of individuals. Using our slack integration, we propose to de-silo various units within UTS (who all use Slack), by creating a “virtual cafe” and live concept mapping space. This is driven by our chatbot that integrates with Slack, where conversation can be mapped in real-time onto a graph interface. Our chatbot can also elicit tacit knowledge from groups in a prompted way. 
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  • Shared maps UX/UI
  • Fave/star maps feature
  • Explore page redesign
  • API
  • Critical bugs/fixes
  • endless embedly load cycle on bad links
  • private synapse glitch on topic view
  • synapse auto-suggest malfunction?
  • purple metacodes glitch
  • General UX refinements
  • default metacode set
  • new map creation flow (url, title, perm)
Refining text copy to complete designs--
Vital S Current homepage blurb:
METAMAPS.CC is a free and open source platform that supports real-time sense-making, distributed collaboration, and the creative intelligence of individuals, organizations and communities. We are currently in an invite-only beta.
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Connor T
Well, well! A month and a half into 2017 and its never been clearer that we need better ways to get creative and make sense together :-) There's been a lot going on under the hood over the last year on Metamaps.cc. If you haven't been watching closely there's a lot to catch up on! Some of you might have noticed, but in case they slipped by you - Metamaps.cc now has:
  • Real-time audio + video + text chat within maps
  • Shared maps with invited collaborators and access requests, publicly and privately.
  • Starred maps (like 'favorites' that you can easily return to)
Vital S
  • Markdown formatting (including images) in Topic descriptions
  • Import/Export maps via .CSV and JSON files
Some other highlights include updated documentation and tips for using the platform (docs.metamaps.cc) and the launch of our API for developers (metamaps.cc/api). There's some exciting features coming this year that we're busy designing and prototyping, like map edit notifications, map history and new mapping modes that make it easier to work with our growing body of shared knowledge (discover, remix, present, and more).
Over the next few months you might notice that an interface element has changed, or something doesn't work like it used to. We're constantly working towards a more intuitive mapping experience, so enjoy the evolution, and don't hesitate to let us know what works and what doesn't. You can join the discussion, share ideas, and provide feedback in our new online community on the emerging Hylo platform!
If you're interested in the ever-evolving roadmap for Metamaps, comment or vote on our open trello board. We work on Metamaps as a distributed team in a radically open way, so If you want to track the work or get involved and contribute, you can visit our workspaces at Trello (for design) and Github (for coding). 
We are so grateful to every single one of our beta testers (that means you!). We appreciate the patience and feedback you're able to provide us. We deeply believe in the potential of Metamaps and the ideas, processes and theory behind it, not only to help individuals and groups think better together, but also to produce real and necessary productive social change. Thanks for being part of this grand experiment in collective intelligence. 
If you have the time, please reach out and say hi - we'd love to hear from you on Hylo, at team@metamaps.cc or @metamapps on Twitter; your feedback and support is essential to guiding our direction in 2017 and beyond. 
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planning for engagement following platform update cycle
Vital S Action steps // pipeline:
  • Post to hylo
  • manual article highlights and elaboration / examples
  • Post to twitter
  • Organize live mapping sessions
  1. hylo
  1. Team presence and Network online
  1. building on the story and public presence of contributors
  1. cultivate community hubs and knowledge base
  1. showing our values/intentions in action
  1. visibility and access to collab space
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Connor T Developing an algorithm for auto layouts for conversational mode
Purpose: to enable fluid conversation that is either linear, non-linear, or both simultaneously, any singular "thought" can be a trunk for a new branch of conversation, but branches can also be linked to other branches afterwards, and connections illuminated. those participating in the conversation should be free to give no thought whatsoever to the layout, and focus on content only. 
open question: should users be able to assign a coordinate to a topic,  by dragging it to place it, if they desire to?
Input: a set of nodes, and a set of edges between those nodes
Output: a set of two dimensional (x, y) coordinates on a cartesian plane, one coordinate per topic, assigned to that topic
Context for when the algorithm will be ran: 
  • on the initial loading of a map/conversation
  • when a node is added or removed
  • when an edge is added or removed
  • when the user indicates the intention to branch off a particular existing topic, acting as a pseudo-node, holding the place for the node that is possibly about to be created
After the algorithm is ran, and the animation has been set up, the app will animate from its current state, to the new state.
Constraints. and parameters: the algorithm should
  • be able to handle an unlimited number of isolated networks
  • represent time on the x-axis, from left to right, where left is older and right is newer, but only relative from one node to its branch nodes, not absolute on the entire plane
  •  next meeting is January 11, Connor is preparing to have a small tech demo by then
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Unfiled. Edited by Vital Systems 93 days ago
  • scroll zoom on any map in firefox creates stutter image trail
Vital S
  • possible bug on firefox when labeling newly created maps per prompt there. If you enter a new label, it doesn't seem to register. Shows as "untitled map" if you go to explore page, or reload.
  • improve wording of alert when deleting maps to clarify: "...topics and synapses will not be deleted from the system, or other maps where they appear."
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Robert B
  • October
  • Hello old friend, its been a while.
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